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Pharrell & Cara Delevingne For CHANEL PARIS

Pharrell Williams and  Cara Delevingne unite again for Chanel, but this season Karl Lagerfeld introduces his Godson Hudson Kroenig into the scene for Chanel’s Fall 2015 “Paris-Salzburg” campaign.

Wearing adventurous styles, especially Pharrell in his gender-bending wardrobe, the pair are joined by Hudson, the son of Lagerfeld’s male model muse Brad Kroenig.

After joining forces on the French fashion house’s short film, “Reincarnation,” the two are back for the Paris-Salzburg campaign. Shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself, they’re both joined by the creative director’s godson, Hudson Kroenig, with all three are dressed in a selection of structural, tailored pieces in navy and olives.

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Zac Efron Filming Shirtless Scenes of “Dirty Grandpa”

Zac Efron and Robert De Niro were spotted on the set of Dirty Grandpa yesterday (Apr. 29, 2015) in Tybee Island, Georgia, where their characters were partaking in a flex-off contest.

The comedy sees 'Dirty Grandpa' Robert De Niro, a perverted former military general, trick his straight laced grandson - Efron - into driving to Miami for Spring Break just before he is due to be wed.

OMG can't to see this movie we are dying to see Mr Efron Shirtless and in briefs!

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Ryan Reynolds As DeadPool on Set

Some of the photos may contain SPOILERS, so I wouldn’t look or read any further if you’re not in to the whole spoiler thing.
Some more photos from the set of Deadpool have surfaced, and they feature Ryan Reynolds and his stunt-double in costume taking on Colossus.

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Nick Jonas Sexy For Him Magazine

The 22-year-old is seemingly everywhere with multiple awards show appearances, blanket radio coverage and a string of magazine covers. Now Nick Jonas looks handsome for China's for him magazine. In other Nick-related news, the singer notched his second solo Top 10 pop hit with “Chains” and he will be taking over the Caesars Palace stage on May 30th for #iHeartPoolParty!

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Adam Sperandio by Charles Quiles

 Tattooed beauty Adam Sperandio by Charles Quiles

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Meet Pietro Boselli The world's hottest teacher

He's 26-year-old and originally from Brescia.
When a student posted an image of heartthrob maths teacher Pietro Boselli on a social media site, it sparked an internet frenzy in the weeks that followed. 
The handsome Italian model with a PhD was widely celebrated for being the perfect mix of beauty and brains.

 However, it seems such attention comes with a downside. Boselli is now claiming he's unhappy with the way his looks have all but dwarfed his academic capabilities...and that some women can't keep their hands to their selves.

Boselli, who has been modelling since he was six years old, originally tried to keep his modelling a secret from his colleagues at the University College London (UCL) where he taught for fear they might 'look down on him'.

In an interview with The Times earlier this month, the advanced maths lecturer, said that when he was trying to establish himself as a teacher, he didn't want to include his work for fashion companies such as Abercrombie and Fitch on his CV and was less than proud of his alternative career.

He added that he didn't want students in his classroom or his teaching peers to know, saying: 'I think, in a way, I was ashamed. I thought people in academia would look down on me.'

We want a teacher like him so badly :(

Source: Daily Mail

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Zac Efron in Tight Briefs On Set

The 27-year-old actor filmed his new movie, Dirty Grandpa, on April 27 and 28, and on both days, he rocked very daring ensembles—one of which put his pert booty on display!

Also starring Robert DeNiro and Julianne Hough, the comedy centers around an uptight guy who is tricked into driving his grandfather to Florida for Spring Break. The film is due out August 2016.
Zac Efron we love your butt so much!

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