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Meet Pietro Boselli The world's hottest teacher

He's 26-year-old and originally from Brescia.
When a student posted an image of heartthrob maths teacher Pietro Boselli on a social media site, it sparked an internet frenzy in the weeks that followed. 
The handsome Italian model with a PhD was widely celebrated for being the perfect mix of beauty and brains.

 However, it seems such attention comes with a downside. Boselli is now claiming he's unhappy with the way his looks have all but dwarfed his academic capabilities...and that some women can't keep their hands to their selves.

Boselli, who has been modelling since he was six years old, originally tried to keep his modelling a secret from his colleagues at the University College London (UCL) where he taught for fear they might 'look down on him'.

In an interview with The Times earlier this month, the advanced maths lecturer, said that when he was trying to establish himself as a teacher, he didn't want to include his work for fashion companies such as Abercrombie and Fitch on his CV and was less than proud of his alternative career.

He added that he didn't want students in his classroom or his teaching peers to know, saying: 'I think, in a way, I was ashamed. I thought people in academia would look down on me.'

We want a teacher like him so badly :(

Source: Daily Mail

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