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Pharrell & Cara Delevingne For CHANEL PARIS

Pharrell Williams and  Cara Delevingne unite again for Chanel, but this season Karl Lagerfeld introduces his Godson Hudson Kroenig into the scene for Chanel’s Fall 2015 “Paris-Salzburg” campaign.

Wearing adventurous styles, especially Pharrell in his gender-bending wardrobe, the pair are joined by Hudson, the son of Lagerfeld’s male model muse Brad Kroenig.

After joining forces on the French fashion house’s short film, “Reincarnation,” the two are back for the Paris-Salzburg campaign. Shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself, they’re both joined by the creative director’s godson, Hudson Kroenig, with all three are dressed in a selection of structural, tailored pieces in navy and olives.

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