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Nick Jonas Diabetes Campaign

Nick hasn’t let diabetes stand in the way of his dreams since his diagnosis at age 13. With the help of Dexcom CGM, Nick is able to effectively manage his diabetes while having a non-stop schedule.


When I was 13 years old and on tour with my brothers, I noticed a dramatic change in my body and my mood. I had always been a very upbeat person, but suddenly, I was irritable, constantly thirsty and started losing weight rapidly—20 pounds in two weeks! Something was very wrong. I felt sluggish, drained, like a balloon losing air. I was struggling to get through my tour and finally decided to make an appointment to meet with my doctor. She ordered several tests, including my blood glucose. It was then that we discovered that my blood glucose levels spiraled out of control to over 800—I was immediately rushed to the hospital. It was absolutely terrifying. The doctors told me I had type 1 diabetes, and it was truly one of the most frightening moments of my life. And my family was just as panicked.

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